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Podcast – Managing Marketing Series – Digital and data transformation

Listen to an interview with Darren Woolley, TrinityP3. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting to hear how direct marketing has evolved from poor country cousin to become a major focus for modern marketers

In a world of Big Data, where digital technology continues to disrupt industries, we need to ensure that marketing is grounded in pragmatic business objectives.

In the interview you’ll also discover how direct marketing disciplines can be used to inform marketers on the best strategy using technology and data to more effectively engage their audience.

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Unleash your creative side with your children

imagination stories

Imagination Stories by Anton Buchner

And on a personal level, do you believe in helping children develop social skills, build self-confidence and start solving fears and worries? If so, then you may find my little side project interesting. Visit the ‘Imaginarium’ for imagination stories here imaginationstories.com.au

You may also be interested in the role of play at work with MicroPlay

Microplay at work

Boring business models are out. Research now proves that play can drive productivity.

Do you find your mind wandering and thinking about other things that you have to do when you are at work, or are in meetings? Well you’re not alone.

This is called ‘mind chatter’ and it’s stopping you from being effective.

Discover how we can help create a culture of profitability for employers and motivate staff with 60 minute MicroPlay sesisons.

R U happy?

Why has an increase in income not increased our happiness? Maybe we should be measuring gross domestic happiness. See what they’re doing in the UK (then again they need it more than us 😉 http://www.actionforhappiness.org

Did you know pumping water through micro-channels on the surface of a solar panel not only makes it more efficient but can also make seawater drinkable? Discover more wondrous facts and a galaxy of great information by subscribing to New Scientist http://www.newscientist.com

While you are dreaming your brain is literally reshaping itself, so dreams play a key role in making you who you are. Delve deeper by researching into modern neuroscience and you may just find that Freud’s ideas are incorrect!

If you’re interested in rapid cognition, first impressions and gut instinct then read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Blink” http://www.gladwell.com/blink

Good books to get hold of…

Superforecasting: The Art and Science of PredictionHardcover – September 29, 2015

by Philip E. TetlockDan Gardner  


Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness Paperback – February 24, 2009

by Richard H. ThalerCass R. Sunstein  


Or if you’re seeking wisdom, check out Andrew Zuckerman’s work www.wisdombook.org

Or simply ask me about some of my pet topics:
  • behavioural psychology
  • how humans form habits and how marketers need to help people create new ones
  • how to overcome the word ‘busy’
  • creating experiences that customers love and will want to talk about. Which means you may just need to rethink about who you recruit to be customer facing.
  • embracing play for adults in order to manage stress, anxiety and other conditions; increase concentration and regain focus; visualise successful outcomes; increase energy and innovation levels; and improve collaboration and productivity. Check out these world’s best companies that have embraced play: Corus Entertainment in Toronto, Selgas Cano Architects in Madrid, Palotta Teamworks in California, and Zappos in Las Vegas.
  • the need for growth planning to unite sales and marketing teams. Are you aware that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% annual revenue growth versus 4% decline in laggard organizations?