It’s a common question that people ask me. So what do I do?

I help businesses get on the front foot with marketing to the right consumers (the ones that are, and will be, the most profitable).

And ‘profitable’ can be expressed as:

  • profit, if talking about end user consumers
  • value and influence, when it comes to intermediary partners
  • and happiness and influence, when it comes to staff


My purpose has always been to discover the truth behind most valuable consumers. And my ultimate mission is to be the leader in unlocking the power of data for more effective relationship marketing – actionable insights.

Hence, I am for, and against…

Values and personality

To stand out from my competition, I have built my independent consultancy around four core values and my unique personality. A truly human approach.

I seek out information and knowledge with the personality of the Sage Archetype. But do so with the love of doing it for others based on the Caregiver Archetype.

All underpinned by my personal values of doing it with joy, collaborating, simplifying, and delivering real value.

Value proposition

So by building a business on a strong human foundation, it allows me to springboard into combining the power of meaningful engagement, as well as discovering real truths.

This allows me to help businesses get on the front foot with the right consumers.

The below slide shows how it all comes together as a strategic platform from which to springboard and develop a customer lifecycle strategy.


Like to discuss how this system, and five others, can help transform your marketing approach?

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However, don’t just take my word for it. I am always humbled when my clients write recommendations for my services:

Holly McErvale

Holly McErvale, Director of Verve Portraits

“We engaged Anton Buchner to assist in determining a new strategic Marketing plan that would launch our new service offering. It was remarkable how quickly Anton grasped the essence of who we are beyond our product and retail front.
Anton is not just a man with an abundance of knowledge and experience in driving strategy and growth in business, he is emotionally astute and digs deep into the core values of the business to ensure the best messaging is conveyed to the target market.
Anton is naturally energetic and inspiring by nature. His workshops were extremely engaging and collaborative in approach.
We loved Antons holistic approach to marketing. His analysis of our business to determine our story, the essence of its people and the driving values that set us apart in the marketplace, enabled us to execute a strong strategic plan that completely ran parallel to the brand values.”

Sonja Sandral

Sonja Sandral, General Manager at Moneytech

“Anton is a straight shooter who’s desire is to see results for you and your company.
I recommend you engage him in your team and watch the results flow from a clear actionable plan.

Craig Mitchell

Craig Mitchell, Principal at Pelorus3

“Working with Anton is always a joy. His depth of experience, energy and laser like focus means he always delivers clear and valuable strategies. Importantly, as access to data rapidly expands, he is one of the few marketers I know that truly ‘gets’ data. He has the rare ability to join the dots to deliver actionable insights and strategy. Anton has the knack of making the complex appear simple.”

If you’re wanting to read more testimonials, then please click to my LinkedIn profile here